Two shots

From our wedding day

One before

And one after

The contract

Was signed

The first

In black and white

Shows me

A rabbit


In life’s headlights

Stunned and scared

But I have no memory

Of it

The second

In colour

Shows us


And I am

Blowing your head off

With my intent

Or perhaps

My gratitude

You gave me


To be myself

You looked at me

Without fear


Or judgement

You looked at me

And said

“You. I see

You. I see.”

You gave me

The mouthpiece

And turned

The valve

You gave me oxygen

I said “Oh.

This is what it’s like

To breathe.”

  One thought on “Oxygen

  1. Bairbre
    March 27, 2018 at 9:20 pm

    work hard at being happy,it’s well worth it and you deserve all the happiness you and Chiara generate.

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