The ClearOut Podcast Episode 11

The Me, the Here, the Now

In this episode I try to unpick the puzzle of presence. I draw a line between perceived safety and protecting the precious parts of ourselves. I argue for integrity and wholeness as the pathways to self-acceptance and the tools for calm and confident presence. I also share a very personal story to illustrate the power of unexpressed emotion.

Along the way, I predict a poor end for my chickens, discuss my hippie upbringing, talk about ear piercings and homophobia, and reference several actors, but fail to remember David Fincher’s name. But throughout it all, I am present. I think I am, anyway.

If you’re enjoying the podcast, please share with someone you think might also get something from it. Thanks a lot.

And of course, thanks for listening.

“What sort of a tool am I?”

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