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In 2013, I launched The ClearOut blog with the question “How did I get here?” I was looking for a release valve. I wanted to get stuff out of my head and onto the page, where I could sort through the jumble and see things more clearly.

A little over eight years later, the blog morphed into a podcast where the line of enquiry remains tethered to an admission of ignorance and inconsequence.

I would like to think the humility, honesty and vulnerability of that admission is what makes The ClearOut attractive to readers or listeners who are tired of the online space presenting an unending sequence of shiny gewgaws and snake oil.

My background is in performance, education, and martial arts. In one way or another, I have always tried to live well, to live honestly, to live with love.

The podcast is where you will meet me in mid-life, facing many of the things that confront us all. From episode to episode, I wrestle with relatable issues connected to self-care, mental health, love, family, parenting, masculinity, identity, and managing the moment. Frequent points of reference are taken from the worlds of politics, current affairs, public discourse, movies, acting, martial arts, sport, music, art, personal experience, philosophy, and psychology.

I live in Wicklow, Ireland, with my wife and daughter. We share our quarters with various small to medium-sized creatures.

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10 years ago

As a fellow composite creation, I salute you, sir, and hope your human explorations bear fruit in unexpected ways.

10 years ago

I completely relate to the variety of occupations. There is no better way to experience life than from the inside, i.e. get your hands dirty and enjoy it. I like your blogs purpose and look forward to reading it.