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Welcome to the turbulence!

Life isn’t smooth. There are bumps in the road. For most of us, life isn’t a perfectly curated lifestyle shoot.

The ClearOut leans into this imperfection. It looks calmly at the endless contradictions and complications that come with being human. Every episode is both an expression of the examined life, and a rigorous engagement with emotional and psychological wellbeing.

In essence, it is an ongoing longitudinal study of trying to do better. Of trying to cope better. Of trying to understand better.

Finally, it is an antidote to the quick-hit, white-noise screech of the online experience, because wellness isn’t a bite-sized aesthetic. Wellness is owning the mess of our scramble through life.

This is The ClearOut. This is wellness with attitude.

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Ep. 1

What the Hell are we Listening to?

Ep. 18

Such big feelings!, or Learning masculinity from the movies

Ep. 22

You Wanna Peace of Me? or, The Rocky Road to Reconciliation

Ep. 29

Three Female Texts, or Art as a Response to Erasure

Ep. 35

Scared women, Damaged Men, and the Crisis of Broken Masculinity

Ep. 50

Conscience and the Stand Against Puritanism, or The Journey from Dip-Dabs to Hitler

Ep. 58

The Pebble Girl: Interview with Author, Artist, and Abuse Survivor, Aisling Creegan Part 1

Ep. 68

Honing the Eye, the Hand, and the Mind: Interview with Illustrator and Sculptor, Alan Clarke

Ep. 78

Speaking From the Heart: Three Righteous Preacher Men

Ep. 91

Bent On Being Happy: Interview with Musician, Singer, Songwriter, and Music Therapist, Chiara Clear

Ep. 101

The Cost of Neglect, or For Whom Will You Wear a Yellow Flower?

Ep. 140

The Absolute ‘Ick’ Episode – Going Granular on My War with Myself

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The ClearOut is an online space dedicated to the examined life. The articles, short stories and poems published here are a product of that examination.