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Three Female Texts, or Art as a Response to Erasure – Episode 29

In this episode, Dara goes all in on the expression of the female voice and the assertion and reclamation of female identity. He explores his own views of and attitudes to women and speaks honestly about his upbringing and his marriage and how they have informed and enriched those attitudes and views.

As the main vehicle for this discussion, he looks in depth at three recent female works of art that he found compelling, challenging, and inspiring – the films The Tale (2018), written and directed by Jennifer Fox, and Little Women (2019), directed and adapted by Greta Gerwig, and the book A Ghost in the Throat by Doireann Ni Ghriofa. In their own ways, they are each powerful, fearless, and brilliant iterations of female voice and vision and experience.

In conclusion, Dara is left wondering about the nature of female texts and whether they should be any less compelling than any other text.

The article on the spaces we live in:

Doireann Ni Ghriofa talks to Roisin Ingle on The Irish Times Women’s Podcast:

The History Chicks Podcast on Louisa May Alcott:

The Tale:

Little Women:

A Ghost in the Throat:

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