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You Wanna Peace of Me?, or The Rocky Road to Reconciliation – Episode 22

In this episode, once he’s finished breaking down, and being revolted by, the animal dynamics at Hashtag Blessed, Dara launches into a deep dive of conflict, taking as a first reference point an article on anger by A.C. Grayling. From there he ponders the concept of dehumanisation in the context of conflict.

He argues for the necessity of truth and its bedfellows, honesty and courage, as vital components of conflict resolution. That leads to a look at forgiveness and contrition and whether they are codependent.

Dara moves on to look at the outcomes of attempted reconciliation in the historic Northern Irish and South African conflicts, before finally returning to a central tenet of sustainable wellness – the forgiveness of self.

Along the way there are references to Pixar’s Finding Nemo and Up, as well as Wolfgang Petersen’s epic, Troy, and Alfred Hitchcock’s Foreign Correspondent.

The Rise (and Fall?) of Reconciliation in Northern Ireland – Peace Research article by Duncan Morrow 2012

The Truth and Reconciliation Report – South Africa (PDF)

A.C. Grayling, philosopher and writer

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