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A Musician’s Life – Interview with Gavin McCaffrey – Episode 42

It’s the dawn of a new era for The Clearout as Dara hosts his first interview on the podcast.

Musician and actor Gavin McCaffrey first made money in the arts as a child performer as one of Ireland’s legendary Billie Barry kids, gracing stage and screen in professional appearances. Many years later he and Dara shared a dressing room together when they were cast in Shay Healy’s The Wiremen, a colourful musical about Ireland’s rural electrification scheme in the 1950’s.

Gavin talks about plying his trade as a professional musician and being grateful to be able to earn a living doing commercial gigs and getting to work with and learn from excellent musicians in the process. An easy flowing conversation takes in reflections on humility and success, apocryphal tales of famous actors, the collaborative give and take of making art, and integrating the life with a family and all the reponsibilities that come with that – first priority: get home from the gig alive!

Get to hear Gavin’s latest track ‘Boy’ at the end of the show.

Gavin’s website:

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