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A Year of Watching – Reviewing 2022 from The Beatles to The Ring to Rule Them All – Episode 84

An attempt to wrap up the year that was becomes a review of stand out movies and TV taken in over the last twelve months. Somewhat symmetrically, Dara realises he began and ended the year watching the work of Peter Jackson – he took in Jackson’s Beatles documentary in January and is finishing the year by revisiting The Lord of the Rings trilogy. There have been plenty of other memorable productions along the way.

Dara stays away from public life – politics, tragedies, the world cup etc. – and remains instead with his own travails and challenges, the benefits of which he believes are very positive and empowering.

There is also a follow-up interview with his daughter Maeve, who was keen for a return visit to the podcast after last week’s appearance. This one wasn’t quite as smooth.

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