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Acting Out in the Extreme, or When Private Pain becomes Public Tragedy – Episode 27

In this episode Dara is prompted by the recent violent attack in Waukesha, as well as other car and truck attacks and shooting atrocities, to reflect on how we view the individuals who perpetrate such acts. His train of thought takes in cultural stereotyping, systemic social failure, and the expression of pain in both positive and negative ways. Newton’s Cradle – the metal ball office toy – is offered as a metaphor for profound pain and alienation finding its equal and opposite expression in extreme acts.

The necessity for strong and positive leadership is posited, and cited as examples of leadership gone wrong are Hitler’s Nazi vision and Trump’s presidency, which are presented as two different versions of extreme pain and pathology being acted out at great cost to others.

There’s also time for a shout out to an Irish businesswoman doing what she can for mental health advocacy; Dara’s need for moisturiser; and a brilliant movie recommendation to tie in with the overall theme of misdirected pain and trauma. article on the poverty of political leadership:

Irish business – mental health journals:

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