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In Pod We Trust! Trying to Find Something to Depend On in Unreliable Times – Episode 110

In this week’s episode, Dara is trying to work out who he should trust. After watching the current Arnold Schwarzenegger documentary on Netflix, he finds himself unsatisfied with the Austrian bodybuilder’s account of past indiscretions, but what would satisfy him? A little more honesty and insight would be a good place to start.

The online world, where so many of us spend so much time, is particularly untrustworthy and Dara recognises his own contribution to the charade of ‘let me show you’, or in his case, ‘let me tell you’! But he does stand by what he considers a dependable core ingredient of each episode of the podcast to date. He believes that ingredient is a valuable counterpoint to much of what is offered online.

Looking at what others have said about trust, Dara is skeptical about a recurring moralistic tone that appears to heap censure and damnation on those who dare to break trust. But there is an excellent quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson about the nature of self-trust that is very appealing and underlines many of the wellness positions expressed on the podcast.

Time is also found to discuss angry swallows and killer kittens, to pitch a foxglove origin story, and to read a poem about trust that Dara wrote at the start of the pandemic.

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