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Is That What You Believe? The Thoughts That Shape Our Reality – Episode 149

In this episode, Dara once again finds himself considering his mental health battles. Emerging from a very recent depression, he examines the difference in his thinking when he is embattled versus when he is well. Why would he choose to believe one reality and not the other? Why, in spite of very persuasive negative thoughts, does his ‘better’ self prevail? And why does he compare these differing states and beliefs to acting reviews?

A relevant aspect of self-care is how we indicate healthy habits to ourselves. How we communicate to ourselves that there are habits of wellness in place can insulate us from true despair. Dara reflects on the current Irish government and argues that they are failing to communicate these signs of care to the electorate. He further argues that that is partly the reason the recent referendum was so conclusively rejected.

Speaking of Irish politics, Dara sees a connection between the retirements of Leo Varadkar, the Irish Taoiseach (prime minister) and Jurgen Klopp, the Liverpool manager. There is something in their retirement announcements that clearly validated their inner lives and their emotional energy, something that seems relatively new in male leadership. Having spoken in the UK last week at a male-centred public presentation, Dara talks about the need for the demonstrated care, love and validation of men as a counter to what people identify as ‘toxic’ masculinity.

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