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Keeping Up With a Changing World, or Why Seahorse Dads Made Me Uneasy – Episode 116

In this episode, Dara shares his thoughts on the late William Friedkin, of whose films he has long been an admirer, particularly The Exorcist and the lesser-loved Sorcerer, his 1977 remake of 1953’s La Salaire de la Peur. Those movies are discussed along with a general appraisal of Friedkin’s voice and greater artistic significance. Dara considers the changing astronomy of the world as more and more creative giants of that generation appear to be coming to the end of their time.

Following a clash with his daughter in a library, Dara shares another parenting fail. He continues to try and own his far from perfect fathering and explains why he couldn’t let his daughter go on a playdate until the air was cleared. He reveals a recently-discovered piece of parenting advice that he is finding extremely useful.

A photo-article on seahorse fathers – pregnant trans men – gives Dara pause for thought. He examines his reactions and tries to follow the thread of where his first thoughts lead him. Uncomfortable ideas come up relating to control, nature, intolerance, and most worryingly, dehumanisation.

Time is also found for custard runs, and encouragement to play the long game…

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