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Living in the Human Zone, or Liminality isn’t Criminality! – Episode 34

In this week’s episode, Dara is very much focused on zones and spaces – not physical ones, but experiential ones. He argues that we are always entering and taking our leave of different states of mind and emotion and how we behave in different spaces depends on where we are at in ourselves at any given time.

He looks at how the human brain recognises different zones of behaviour and interaction and at how those zones can be made toxic and dangerous by people who betray the understood rules of engagement that are fundamental to everyday human transactions.

He discusses different stages of life in terms of growth and maturation and the rites of passage that may attend them with the resultant change in status. Dara asks if we might not benefit from observing and acknowledging our changing states in a demonstrated and formal way. He also talks about liminal zones and the vulnerability of being in a transitionary stage.

Finally, he concludes with a few thoughts for a recently bereaved mother and wonders what changes we have to make as a society to help prevent similar future anguish.

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