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May the Nerd be With You!, or Is That a Literal Lightsaber? – Episode 102

It’s been 40 years since Star Wars was the most important thing in Dara’s universe. He recalls his relationship with the original Star Wars trilogy and says why he thinks it was so successful – clean storytelling and clear characters. He argues that those two things got lost in the subsequent movies.

Dara compares Star Trek with Star Wars and concludes one was far sexier than the other. Having listened to a recent conversation with William Shatner, he is amazed at how young he sounds.

Despite his love of Han Solo, Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia, as well as a host of Marvel comics, Dara insists he is not a nerd, and he lays out why in very clear terms. If further proof were needed, he sets himself a nerd test, which he fails.

As well as that, there is looking for real life heroes in his childhood, innocence as a pre-requisite for the success of fictional idols, and the unbelievably beguiling smell of Star Wars figures!

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