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Safety First! – The Benefits of Safe Places, Safe People, and a Safe You – Episode 105

In this episode Dara looks at the idea of safety as a keystone of wellness. In particular he concentrates on environmental and interpersonal safety. This pertains to the places we live and the people we share our lives with. Are they safe? How do we understand and recognise safety? And why is it so important, anyway?

Dara argues that the presence of safety allows trust to be built, and from trust friendship and love can follow. He explains why, above all, he prefers the unique conditions of a one-to-one relationship, and he confesses that it has something to do with control.

And what about how we treat ourselves? Is safety relevant to our relationship with ourselves? Dara believes it is essential, and he shares the ways in which he hasn’t always had a safe ‘friendship’ with himself.

Looking at a bit of very recent drama with his daughter, Dara scrutinises the safety levels in their relationship and is happy to conclude that they’re staying on the right side of the line. His daughter has some very interesting suggestions as to why he is so cranky.

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