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Scene from a Garden – Tall Trees, High Kicks, and Low, Low Wages – Episode 163

In this episode, Dara is taking time to express thanks to a place that has served him well over the last few years, and he’s so determined to do so in a special way that he moves the podcast to the location he’s honouring! At the end, when a certain flying creature appears, it’s time to bring things to a close. No, it’s not a dragon…

Dara sets up to record in his garden and he explains why it has been such a special place for him over the last three and a half years. That said, it hasn’t all been plain sailing. Just ask his chickens! It makes him wonder about the duration of a moment. Can a moment really last a lifetime?

Once the natural world part of the pod is over, Dara discusses a couple of shows he watched in relation to the radically different iterations of femininity they present and prioritise. One of them, a sports documentary about the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, is troubling in the version of womanhood it valorises. The other, True Detective Season 4, has at its heart two ferociously tough and uncompromising female cops who don’t care who they offend. They’re remarkably unapologetic characters who make clear how seldom women on screen are written like that. Written like what? Like men!

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