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Snowflakes, Pain Storage, and the Power of Subjectivity – Episode 36

In this episode Dara delves into the places we carry and store our pain. He looks at how unaddressed wounds can wield a disproportionate amount of power over us and how that relates to our fear of uncomfortable places.

He wonders if how different generations have evolved with access to different vocabulary and frames of reference for emotional and psychological wellbeing has shaped their resilience and toughness differently. He uses ‘Snowflake’ culture to refract this theory.

He discusses the usefulness of reconditioning our memories to help us better manage our traumas and the benefits of self-knowledge and self-possession in exercising more control over our power and agency.

Finally, the question of subjectivity versus objectivity is raised in the context of survival and self-care. Dara argues that greater understanding of our subjective reality can boost our wellness and resilience, and make us less vulnerable to the subjectivity of others. article on natural behaviour and trauma:

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