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The 2022 Christmas Special! – Episode 83

Dara ain’t gonna lie – this was a monster effort to produce! A little recital with his wife, an unexpected but most welcome interview with his daughter, and a new story for the season that’s in it, all pulled together on the day of the episode. And done while sick.

So it’s a bit rough in patches, but the sincerity of effort comes through. If you’re looking for polish, go to the household aisle!

Dara’s daughter surprises him with a willingness to chat at length and reveals her surprising position on the conflict in Ukraine. She also shares how she felt when she met Pepper the puppy for the first time.

Chiara, Dara’s wife, accompanies him on three festive songs before playing a lovely Christmas song of her own, inspired by emerging from the pandemic last year.

A new Christmas story about a man who needs rescuing from himself features a wheelchair-bound saviour who has a half-blind cat as his co-pilot.

It’s the Christmas Special – get it into you!

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