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The 2023 Christmas Special! – Episode 135

In this hard-fought-for episode, Dara soldiers on alone to deliver this year’s Christmas special.

Coming in at the eleventh hour, Dara presents a brand new story that he completed only a day before recording. An old woman lies stricken on the floor of her hallway. Who will come to her aid, and will she welcome their assistance? A meeting of minds old and young that reveals an unexpected commonality, it is a nice alternative tale to more conventional fare. And also funny, although that depends on what you find funny…

Dara’s usual team on the special have been laid low by illness, so he has no Hashtag Blessed Christmas Recital to share. Stubbornly, and honourably overcoming his disappointment, he plays out the episode with a solo Christmas song – just one man, a voice, and a humble tilt at a festive windmill!

Happy Christmas everyone, stay safe.

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