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The Art of Disarming Oneself, or How to Live with Defences Down – Episode 56

In this week’s episode Dara reflects on a week in recovery from Covid and realises he enjoyed dropping down to his slowest gear. It prompts him to think about the benefits of living with one’s defences down. He argues that it makes us more receptive and more capable of seeing positive things in the world.

From a self-defence point of view, he argues for the cultivation of calm and embracing the artificial idea of minimal threat. He believes we cannot fight effectively if we are too wedded to a rigid defence. Dara lays out the benefits of being defenceless and wonders if that vulnerability doesn’t make us view the world in a more benign light.

There is also discussion of some good movies taken in while in covid isolation, with special affection expressed for 1980’s Urban Cowboy, a gritty John Travolta vehicle that also starred an excellent Debra Winger and Scott Glenn. Dara concludes with a new book recommendation.

And even if you don’t listen carefully, the chickens can be heard making a nuisance of themselves in the background!

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