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The Bridges of Wellness and Bounty – Episode 25

In this episode Dara waxes lyrical about bridges of many kinds. He starts off with Lloyd, Jeff and Beau Bridges before turning his attention to the usefulness and aesthetic pleasure of actual bridges.

But what he really wants to talk about is the idealistic symbolism of bridges and how they help us get to other places and how they help us transcend things we wouldn’t otherwise be able to get over. He puts metaphorical bridges at the centre of a theory of wellness, arguing that we build bridges in our lives to the things and people that keep us well.

Along the way there is time to reflect on the natural pace of evolution and environmental adaptation and to contextualise those changes in a discussion about the contemporary debate around gender and pronoun assignation.

Finally, the episode is wrapped up with a quick breakdown of cherished bridge scenes from the movies. Don’t like bridges? Get over it!

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