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The Cost of the Great Internet Giveaway and Why We All Need a Little Ronald Reagan in Our Lives – Episode 95

This episode looks at the problem of having access to too much information, material and opinion in the online space. So much content, and so much for free, and such ease of access, creates an imbalanced relationship that offers dubious benefits. Dara looks at his own internet consumption habits and questions the merits of unearned offerings.

Connected to that theme is Dara’s experience of movies that have unearned climaxes which founder on the poverty of the character development and story arcs that preceded them. As a case in point, he cites and discusses in detail Darren Aronofsky’s The Whale, for which Brendan Fraser was just awarded the best actor award at the Oscars. Staying with the Academy Awards, Dara argues that Everything Everywhere All At Once is the purest internet age movie that has yet been made. Having watched it twice, he remains unconvinced by its alleged merits, Michelle Yeoh’s lovely performance notwithstanding.

Apparently there are women who are sick of men with podcasts and ‘podcast bros’. Dara presents a case for the defence and feels pretty confident that he is not one of the bros in question.

The episode concludes with a look at a key aspect of former US President Ronald Reagan’s persona and how it might be utilised in a self-care regime. Unlike his predecessor Jimmy Carter, Reagan was a natural radiator. He may not have liked his politics, but Dara recognises the need for a little positivity when times are tough.

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