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The Four Agreements of Don Miguel Ruiz – Episode 47

In this episode Dara has a good look at the bestselling 1997 New Age text, The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz, the Mexican spiritualist and New Age thinker. The four agreements in question relate to how we speak or use language; how we receive the actions of others; the limitations of what we can know about anybody else; and the commitment to always trying to use the best of ourselves. Easier said than done, but Dara tries to examine them in a context of personal responsibility and everyday behaviour, and recognises how they can be applied in his own life.

He recalls when he worked in the book industry in the early to mid-90s and how New Age literature, audio product and advocacy seemed to be booming and how at the time he was quite sceptical about it. Thirty years later, he thinks he understands why New Age thinking, positive living, and non-theistic spiritual practice is more appealing at a later stage in life.

There’s also octogenarian coughing, endless rollies, an apology to Dara’s daughter, and a new poem about understanding that giving doesn’t necessarily cost as much as we think.

A Lesson from the Winter Solstice at Newgrange – a new poem up on now:

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