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The Things We Shouldn’t Stomach, or The Violent Wellness of Expulsion – Episode 39

This week’s episode is all about getting rid of the bad stuff in your life, and it starts with having a good old vomit! Having had that unpleasant experience recently, Dara decides to hang this episode’s theme around the body’s singularity of purpose when expelling something evil from the gut.

He foregrounds the discussion with a scattergun look at poison and how it speaks to a primal dread in us. Poison is looked at in the world of reptiles, historical figures, literature, songs, and of course, movies – fancy a bite of Snow White’s shiny red apple, anyone?

The second half of the episode looks at poisonous or toxic elements in our lives and how they can feature centrally in our emotional and psychological landscapes. Dara argues that, like poison, they infiltrate and invade our sense of wellness and peace, and that perhaps they should be removed with the same emetic violence that the body deploys to expel gut-based invaders.

Also, but not only, blocked drains, suspect dinners, and last minute deliveries!

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