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The Trickiness of Tone, or Do You Ever Put a Knob of Butter in Your Porridge? – Episode 79

In this episode Dara discusses the importance of tone. Considering tone as the ultimate mood setter, he looks at it in the context of movies, public ceremonies and vocations. He also considers tone in the auditory sense, recognising it as a vibration, and recalls how thrilled he was as a child to hear and feel the rumble of the engine of the car ferry that he travelled on several times on journeys to London.

Discussing a funeral he recently attended, Dara observes how well the officiating priest did in putting the congregation at ease, and how comfortable the priest was with his faith and vocation. News of another recent death gives cause to reflect briefly on grief.

Finally, more thoughts on the debacle that constitutes the FIFA world cup in Qatar. Is anyone striking a worse tone than Gianni Infantino, the hapless president of football’s governing corporation?

Time is also found to look at the impact of its resident menagerie on the domestic tone at Hashtag Blessed, and the very particular tone of butter in your oatmeal…

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