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What Is a Man, Anyway? Part 1 – Episode 155

Dara knew when he started recording this one that one episode was never going to cut it. So it is only the beginning of a conversation about being a man and trying to unpack what constitutes a man.

Before getting into more specific experiences and perspectives, Dara tries to sketch the current landscape, so heavily influenced by the tech age and social media, in which many men feel they have been pushed aside. There appears to be a huge hole in society, and in the discourse cauldron, that men are very unsure how to fill. This uncertainty has been capitalised upon, or catered to, by male figures all too willing to say ‘this is how you should be’. But are they really helping?

Dara has embarked on a course of Men’s Studies, and that in part is what has prompted this exploration. He discusses in detail his own primary model of masculinity and recognises how much it left a mark on him. He also looks at the centrality of martial arts codes and philosophy in his own conception of masculinity.

Finally, what cartoon figure popped in his head when thinking of a good male role model?

To be continued…

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