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Wiggly Bits, Jiggly Bits, and The Dangers of Penetration! – Episode 61

In this episode, Dara discusses some hot potatoes that are being passed from hand to hand in Hashtag Blessed. Beyonce’s new album art raises some concern, as does Marilyn Monroe’s appearance on the screen on Dara and his daughter’s scheduled movie night. Are these icons of female beauty and performance actually problematic? Is there a radically different experience in how they are perceived by men and women?

Also on the table are ideas of resilience, self-care, and what we allow to affect us. Dara wonders if we get less or more resilient as we age, or if we just lose the energy to fight. He reflects on a recently departed family member on his wife’s side who decided her time was up.

Other points are made about divergent parenting styles, how material is generated for the podcast, and a causality that makes Kim Novak responsible for Sharon Stone’s character in Basic Instinct.

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