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Zionist Intransigence, Pop Star Isolation, and the Power of the Originating Wound – Episode 130

In this episode, Dara reflects on some Jewish insights into the Israel-Palestine conflict which he found both helpful and inspiring. He posits that in the act of dehumanising Palestinians, Israel ends up dehumanising itself, which is its own kind of tragedy.

Dara considers the interpretations of the phrase ‘our shared humanity’. He argues that it could be taken as good or bad, but explains how it informs his own essentially positive outlook. He connects it to the idea of where we allow our energy to be directed or absorbed, and cautions that we need to be very mindful of the places our energy can dwell.

Having just watched the new Robbie Williams documentary, Dara draws comparisons between it and another recent TV appraisal of a 90s icon – David Beckham. He recalls living and studying in England in the mid-90s and how palpable the feelgood factor of the zeitgeist was. He identifies a connection between Robbie Williams and Israel that speaks to an originating wound that neither have found a way to successfully transcend, leaving both the pop star and the country in comparable states of denial.

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