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Embedding Gratitude, Controlling Sensitivity, and a Cult of Nullification – Episode 98

In this episode, Dara starts off with thoughts on what defines us as individuals. Is it a higher power? Or is it just what wins the battle for our identity? He believes it is strongly connected to nature, nurture and genetic legacy.

After acquiring a new patron for the podcast, Dara feels it is necessary to express gratitude. He recalls a former workplace being surprised and impressed by a message of thanks he left. He concludes that it is not only good manners, but also excellent karmic practice.

A recent article discussed the categorisation of a particular personality type known as HSPs – Highly Sensitive People. As a self-declared sensitive person, Dara feels well qualified to weigh in on the label and its main characteristics. But he cautions against the expectation that the world should make special dispensation to accommodate the needs of these super-sensitive beings.

Finally, Dara veers off the main drag to look at a religious sect from 18th Century Russia that achieved spiritual purification by removing certain parts of the anatomy – not for the fainthearted! Now, what would you like with that smoothie…?

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