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Foundational Beliefs of Identity and Gender-Neutral Parenting, or How I Got Cool With Being a Girl-Father! – Episode 99

In this episode, prompted by Spike Lee’s He Got Game (1998), Dara examines his convictions as a parent, and recalls how an ill-fated Irish journalist helped him get comfortable with the idea of becoming a father to a daughter. He identifies a pillar of his parenting approach that he hopes he will manage to keep intact. He also looks at the idea of gender-neutral parenting, something he tries to adopt with his daughter.

Talking about peculiar sources of inspiration, Dara argues that there is much to feel positive about if we can draw inspiration from unusual places. He looks at the subjectivity of memory and wonders if objective reality is actually impossible.

Discussing the emergence of his beliefs and values, Dara shares some core convictions he had about his capabilities and aspirations that can be drawn back to his childhood. He recognises the importance of control to his concept of personal wellness and how it enables him to be softer and more vulnerable.

Finally, he asserts that positive and negative beliefs about self can co-exist within us – life is not a zero-sum game!

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