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The 100th Episode Stocktake, or Stick Your Teachable Moment Where the Sun Don’t Shine! – Episode 100

In this, the 100th episode of the show, Dara permits himself a stocktake. He reaffirms the recurring themes he has continued to weave through the podcast and examines what wellness with attitude means.

He shoots down ‘teachable moments’ and what he calls the ‘cutesification’ of our lives. He leans into messiness and uncertainty and unknowability. He surmises that the podcast is offering a vibe and a non-pressurised space to hang out in once a week. And what’s wrong with that?

Ultimately, Dara doubles down on what he does here on The ClearOut because frankly, it’s working for him. Anything beyond that is a bonus.

He reads two of his previously unshared poems at the end of the episode, each connected in different ways to items on the agenda. One of the poems was written for a friend, and the other was written for his wife, with whom he’s about to celebrate 20 years of marriage. And that’s only one of a few significant numbers Dara is thinking about at the moment…

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