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Going Down in Flames – The Fall and Fall of Marilyn Monroe – Episode 73

In this episode Dara assesses the recently-released Marilyn Monroe biopic, ‘Blonde’. Written and directed by Andew Dominik, and based on the 2000 Joyce Carol Oates book of the same name, the film has been widely panned by critics and Marilyn fans, but Dara found a lot to recommend in the performance as Marilyn of Ana de Armas. He argues that de Armas imbues her characterisation with such sympathy and emotional honesty that she effectively insulates herself from many of the less subtle aspects of the film’s storytelling.

Dara wonders what it was about Monroe that fascinated people so much and he can’t help coming to the conclusion that misogyny and sexual obsession were key elements in how she was treated by Hollywood, the media, and the men in her life. He goes further to argue that many flailing female celebrities are pounced on by media and fans alike with a violent fervour that is almost primal in its compulsiveness.

There’s also time to spare a thought for the community of Creeslough in Donegal and the terrible explosion that occurred there last week; a laying out of a couple of mental health/wellness touchstones, and a celebration of the Ireland women’s soccer team and their succesful qualification for next year’s world cup.

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