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The Hateful Power of Hipsters, or Today’s Letter is ‘H’! – Episode 72

In this tonally-light episode, Dara weaves a thread through 4 apparently unconnected words to create (what he hopes is) meaningful content. As they like to say on Sesame Street, “today’s letter is ‘H’. What begins with ‘H’?”

Well, ‘hipster’ begins with ‘H’ and Dara has a look at why hipsters bug him so much, a feeling he has had since he was very young. He reckons the answer has something to do with both sincerity and insecurity.

There are other ‘H’ words considered for different reasons, but the overall thrust of the episode takes in the idea of power and who or what we allow to wield power over us. The things we can do to change those power dynamics may involve having a confronting conversation with ourselves.

Dara talks about his concept of holistic self-defence, a course of which he is about to teach, and lays out the fundamental connection of self-understanding and self-protection.

There is also time for silly voices, Freudian slips, and brilliant rappers.

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