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Life Above and Below the Surface, or Listening to the Deep Respondent Self – Episode 49

In this mental health-focused episode, Dara reflects on a recent spell of bad form and speaks openly about some of the personal trickiness he has faced over the last couple of years. He talks about his marriage and his skirmishes with depression and presents an argument for being okay with a range of emotions and perceptions that are conventionally considered to be negative.

He argues for perspective-shifting as a tool of detachment and re-setting. Rising out of ourselves and above our predicaments can facilitate a clearer reading of where we’re at. Dara also advocates a deeper form of listening and looking that helps us contact a more informative internal base state. He names this base state the Deep Respondent Self, and he believes by becoming better acquainted with it we can launch ourselves into improved areas of self-protection and personal evolution.

Time is also found to look at chi exercises, steaming knobs, personal approval ratings, and facing our fears.

2017 piece on listening from

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