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The Cartography of a Small World, or It’s Lovely to be Here! – Episode 40

In this deceptively positive episode, Dara is emerging from a fortnight of disruptions and disturbances that have laid him low. Over the course of the show, he examines not only the necessary compromises and recalibrations that must accompany a successful recovery, but also the contradictions that can occur in normally reliable wellness strategies.

He discusses the cartography of our inner world and argues for the strength to be gained from pursuing a deep knowledge of one’s emotional and psychological terrain. That strength derives from self-knowledge and self-understanding empowering one to negotiate these varied landscapes with greater success.

He looks at the perspective-giving benefits of removing oneself from the centre of the frame and introduces the idea of a significance scale that can remind us of a healthful anonymity. This also involves recognising the positive aspects of making your world smaller.

Finally, Dara reflects on the current construction of his own life and talks about how he has consciously tried to build something around the things that keep him well. Maintaining the belief in what he has chosen requires tremendous focus, discipline and faith.

Bonus material this week is a charming children’s poem that is recited to the background noise of hysterical chickens overreacting to the resident dog at Hashtag Blessed. You couldn’t make it up!

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