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Sins of Omission, or Whose Stories Don’t Get Told? – Episode 124

In this episode Dara is agitated by an interview with a US politician that he has just listened to. He is frustrated by the public representative’s combativeness and disingenuous line of argument. He wonders why politicians are so incapable of being honest.

Dara looks at Lawrence Kasdan’s 1983 film The Big Chill, considered by some to be a key generational text, in a context of racial politics and cultural representation. As fond as he is of the star-studded 80s fest, he concludes it may be the whitest movie ever made. Continuing the theme, 1992’s Into The West is briefly discussed as a movie that served its subject – Irish Travellers – very well.

Responding to a recent social media post showing screenshots of news headlines about abusive or criminal men, Dara proposes a complementary idea that would showcase the normal everyday achievements of men. He calls it Real Men Headlines and tries out a couple of examples to see what it sounds like.

Higher Learning episode featuring interview with Larry Elder:

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