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The Receptive Mind and Men Who Don’t Talk – Episode 125

In this episode Dara looks at dynamics of giving and receiving in relationships. He argues that having a true exchange with someone is impossible unless that dynamic is present and healthy.

Talking about an upcoming project, Dara explains why he has called it The Receptive Mind and concedes he could try to access more of that mindfulness in his parenting.

Do men really not talk, or is that just a stereotype that they blithely accept? After a recent conversation with a friend about his troubled son, Dara thinks about what he would say to the young man in question. He recalls how helpful his own male friends were when he was a teenager.

Also featured this week are phony wellness aesthetics, toxic positivity, empty buzzwords, and the energy-sapping effects of device vortices.

The episode concludes with a poem about the shapes we form to deal with life.

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