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Collective Heartbreak and Tears of a Clown, or How I Baptised my Baby Daughter – Episode 126

In this pendulum swing of an episode, Dara is dancing between joy and pain. It is a journey that takes him from Ireland’s expulsion from the Rugby World Cup last week to the birth of his daughter 10 years ago.

Raking over the rugby loss, Dara tries to understand exactly why it hurts so much. He knows it has something to do with a peculiar mixture of national pride and insecurity. He also discusses the sense of injustice connected to a team that felt so ‘right’, so destined to succeed. All the good vibes and positive energy, aligned with unprecedented excellence on the field of play, raised expectations and rendered the defeat almost beyond belief. It has been a dizzying height from which to descend.

Before moving on to other matters, Dara reviews a couple of recently-watched movies with interesting female protagonists at the heart of the action. Fair Play, written and directed by Chloe Domont, is an edgy drama that looks at how improved status and power in the world of finance can have a divisive impact on dynamics at home, especially when it is a woman who is suddenly a rising star. Last Night In Soho is Edgar Wright’s latest film and it is a psycho-sexual thriller that transports a young woman back to the swinging sixties in London where all is not as cool and groovy as it first appears.

The last part of the episode is dedicated to Dara’s daughter, who has just turned 10. He recalls his experience of becoming a father and reads a piece he wrote a few weeks after that moment in which he lays out his hopes for his baby’s future life. It is an undiluted expression of love and relief. Ten years on, he is still feeling grateful.

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