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What Is a Man, Anyway? Part 4 – Episode 158

In the fourth part of his series on masculinity, Dara tries to point out the hierarchical nature of masculinity when the idea of manhood is being discussed. The legacy of Western European colonial domination has resulted in the idealisation of white, straight, middle class masculinity. In other words, for many people when they’re asked to consider men and masculinity, they will default to the aforementioned model. But where does that leave other iterations and expressions of masculinity?

Looking through various ‘othering’ lenses, Dara considers men of colour, Blackness, queer men, disabled men, and men identified by class and feudality. Arguably, the idea of true equality amongst men is fantastical and utopian, but is there an optimal place to start looking at who gets to be a man and what that means?

Dara asks himself to whom he would deny manhood and finds himself arguing for a ‘post-gender’ world, again opening up the utopian debate. His own socialist and Marxist leanings inform his viewpoint, raising the issues of power, equal opportunity and economic equity. But he wonders if it is naive to pretend that discrimination and categorical relegation can be so easily bypassed.

Also this week, received cues and signals, the importance of context, and LGBTQ-affirming Eurovision vision!

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