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What Is a Man, Anyway? Part 5 – Episode 159

In this final part of his series on masculinity, Dara tries to bring things to a reasonable end. He talks about his lifelong attempt to embody a particular type of masculinity that was a direct response to sexist and reductive attitudes to men that he was exposed to in youth and early adulthood.

In the context of the current trends in public discourse, Dara once again pushes against the idea of a single person being representative of their designated identifying group. He argues for personal responsibility, self-reflection, and understanding oneself as a social animal. To that end, he examines the connection between a social and moral imperative and the implications for men.

Related ideas include the burden of responsibility, the expectations of others, the question of approval, and the need for greater consideration of the complexity of masculinity. Dara attempts to lay out a definitive description of ideal masculinity that could appeal to everyone. Amongst other things, this ideal includes an admission of uncertainty and the presence of vulnerability, as well as comfort with others, especially women and children.

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