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The Institution, or Sometimes You Don’t Know You’re Being Held

The Institution, or Sometimes You Don’t Know You’re Being Held

It is a symbiosis,

this thing.

This mad, lifelong, love affair

that has raged

across the shores of time;

that has as often been

tempest as drought.

That has somehow kept out

elements of undoing, of easy leaving.

A force that has not been quelled,

but has given and shared life.

The husband and the wife,

overseers and underwriters of the life long-lived,

they have stood in each other’s slipstream

and bathed their feet.

They have drunk deep

from the unnamed waters

that have sustained them.

The hole in my father’s jumper

and the curl in my mother’s hair

seem to complement each other.

They are of a piece.

They hold together.

From opposite ends of the house,

known to them or not,

they do it still.



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Gemma Barry - Dubray Books
Gemma Barry - Dubray Books
3 years ago

That’s fab Dara, hope you all had a good celebration yesterday.

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Jenny Isaacs
Jenny Isaacs
3 years ago

beautiful Dara,
how’s Ireland treating you?
Hope you have settled in well, I’m settling really nicely into motherhood. Bodhi is adorable.
Jen 🙂

3 years ago

Lovely. Especially the hole in sweater/curl in hair connection. Opposite ends of the house and yet one house. I must say the parents are glamorous: he is you as a 70s rocker and she looks like 70s Vanessa Redgrave. All very hip.

3 years ago

Beautiful, love your words xx

3 years ago

Gorgeous tribute Dara. Hope all well

Reply to  Dara Clear
3 years ago

Glad to hear it and welcome home to you and your family

Sean devitt
Sean devitt
3 years ago

Very nice Dara, nice words,is country life suiting you


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